Please ensure all donations are handed to me in full within the first five minutes of our meeting in an unsealed envelope.


An additional taxi fee will be requested for all bookings out of zone 1 and bookings out of central London will require a minimum booking time of either 2 or 3 hours depending on the location.


Please note ALL donations for my time are non-negotiable. I do not appreciate being asked for a discount as I find it insulting, embarrassing and in bad taste. It makes the time we do end up spending together incredibly awkward and unpleasant so please refrain from doing so. If you are looking for a ‘deal’ then I suggest you look elsewhere as I am not the girl for you.


All international bookings will require a minimum 50% deposit and will include travel costs


Tantric Massage is not an escort experience so while I don’t mind some light touching any intimate touching is not permitted and may result in the massage being terminated if this is not respected.